How to load a project

Step 1: Navigate to the projects overview page

by clicking on the Switch project button in the left navigation bar

Figure 1. The Switch project button in the navigation bar

Step 2: Click on the project card to load the project

The projects overview page lists all the projects to which you have access.

Figure 2. The Project overview page

There are 3 tabs to select projects from:

Figure 3. The Project three tabs
  • ACTIVE PROJECT: shows the currently active project, if any

  • YOUR PROJECTS: lists all projects in your account created by any member of your team. This includes both the active project and the non-active projects.

  • SAMPLE PROJECTS: there are example projects.

Click on the card of the project you want to load.

Use the search box at the top of the page

To make it easier to find the project you are looking for, you can:

  • Use the search box at the top of the page to filter the list.

  • And/or use the sort button next to the search box to sort the projects alphabetically on their name

Checking which project is active

You can see which project is currently active in 2 places:

  • The projects overview page

  • The top bar of the application

On the projects overview page

On the projects overview page, you find the active project:

  • Under the ACTIVE_PROJECT tab: when there is an active project, clicking on that tab will show the card of the currently active project.

Figure 4. The Project three tabs
  • When browsing through the list of YOUR PROJECTS or the SAMPLE PROJECTS, the active project card is decorated with a blue bar on the left side.

Figure 5. The Active project card

On the top bar

When a project is loaded or activated, the name of that project is shown in the center of the top bar.

Figure 6. The Top bar with name of the active project