In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the REST API to automate project creation, data ingestion, etc.

For developers and users familiar with scripting tools only

This tutorial is for users familiar with tools such as the linux shell, npm, node,…​ . Such tooling is used to create scripts to automate project creation and data uploads.

The xyzt.ai platform provides an extensive public REST API to query the platform and to perform actions such as creation and deletion of projects.

It adheres to the OpenAPI standards and therefore code generation tools can be used to create a module for convenient API usage, in your favorite language such as Python, Typescript, etc.

In this tutorial we will generate convenience code in Typescript and use Node.js for execution. The tooling to do so can generate other code bindings as well. Of course, you can also use the REST API directly. The documentation can be found here.

Free trial accounts do not support uploading your own data

For this tutorial, we will be using data that is already in the platform. Get in touch if you want to start uploading your own data, and you are using a free account.

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