Step 6: Sharing your insights

Now that we have finalized our analysis and created a dashboard, we can share our results with others. This is easily done by clicking on the second icon (the shared link icon) in the top-right corner of the page.

Figure 1. The Dashboard page and all other pages can be shared using a publicly shared link.

You should now see a dialog that says Create a Shareable Link.

Provide a name for the link, e.g., My first analysis, and click CREATE LINK.

Figure 2. Links are stored and can be managed by their name.
Figure 3. Links can both be sent around or used to embed the page in another website.

Copy the link and send it by e-mail to any user. To see how others receive the link, open a second browser window and copy-paste the link in the location bar and hit enter.

Figure 4. Clicking on a shared link opens the dashboard.

The receiving user sees the dashboard with the widgets that we created. The user can also click on the widget to go to the page where the widget was created:

  • Click on the map widget.

Notice how the Visual analytics page opens with the configured state when the widget was created.

You can go back to the dashboard by clicking on Back to dashboard in the top left corner.

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